Jesus Hidalgo

Jesus attended LaTrobe University in the early 1990's majoring in psychology and statistical analysis.  He then spent 12 years in industry at the operational helm of a 25 million dollar Melbourne based company.

After a three year stint operating his own business, Jesus joined BBA in October 2006 and was offered an Associate position in July 2009.

Specialising in corporate restructure and business risk minimisation, he spends the majority of his work time advising clients on the brink of potential financial hardship on strategies to protect assets, restrict exposure and systematically move their business onto a solid foundation from which to relaunch their trading.

When not at work Jesus likes to spend time with his wife and two teenage daughters and pursuing a recently found passion for fitness endeavours and fund raising for charity.  A perfect weekend activity would involve all three, such as participating in the Swiss Color Run or the Oxfam 100km Trailwalker, both of which Jesus and his family participated in in 2012.